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Android App: Yelp

Posted on Dec 8, 2009 in App News, Travel | comment

Note: I’m not going to review the Yelp app officially just yet because I feel that many new updates will be coming to this app in the near future.  This is more of an informative news article/brief review.
Today the Yelp app was released to Android.  If you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for this app for quite awhile now.  I like writing reviews for Yelp and I also almost never go anywhere without first reading up on other peoples’ experiences with a restaurant, business, etc.  For this reason I am very pleased with this new addition to my Android phone.
The main page of the app allows you to view nearby listings for the main categories like restaurants, bars, etc.  This is great for a quick find.  If you select a category, you can see a list of all the nearby businesses listed with their name, rating, address, distance, and price range.  Furthermore, a very useful feature from this page is the Map button.  With this, the Yelp app will show you your GPS location and also the locations of all businesses around you in the category you selected.  This is great if you don’t feel like traveling too far for what you want.
When you select a particular business, you get expanded results building off of what you see in the previous page.  Here you can read individual reviews, instantly map the location to get directions, or hit the Call button to quickly get in contact with the location.
Lastly, the Yelp app saves a history of what you have searched for and clicked on.  This is a convenient feature so that you can return to previous searches you may have been considering but hadn’t decided upon yet.
The reason I did not assign this app a review score yet is that it’s brand new and I feel like Yelp will be adding a lot more functionality to this app very soon.  Right now you can only search for and read reviews.  You can not write reviews from your Android phone, submit photos, or any of the other truly interactive options you’d expect from this app.  The reason I am confident these will be added is because that’s what Android and having a smart phone is all about.  If I just had an amazing meal at a new restaurant or extremely friendly customer service at a business location, I am much more likely to write a rave review right after the experience than when I get home.  The Yelp app (and Yelp itself) will see more reviews and activity if it makes these features available.
All in all, I enjoy reading Yelp reviews and using it to make informed decisions.  Because of this, the app is a great addition to Android.  Test it out and see what you think.

Scan with Barcode Scanner for direct link to Yelp in the Android Market.

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