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Top Android Widget: Battery Widget

Posted on Nov 6, 2010 in Productivity, Top Rated Apps, Top Rated Widgets | 1 comment

Battery Widget is a graphical homescreen Android widget that shows the battery level % in a 1×1 space.

  • Version: 1.6.6
  • Size: 55.45KB
  • Category: Productivity
  • Price: Free

To add this widget, long press the homescreen and find Battery Widget. You’ll be able to see the % of battery life remaining without having to go into your phone’s settings (or relying on the generally inaccurate estimation provided by the battery icon in the notification bar). Also, when you tap the icon, you’ll have the option to quickly adjust battery-consuming features, e.g. display, WiFi, GPS, and Bluetooth. If you’re currently using one of those features, it will be shown in green text, if not, it’ll be in red.


  • 1×1 size occupies minimum homescreen real-estate
  • Attractive graphic
  • One-click access to display, GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth settings

Areas for improvement:

  • Options for additional skins, graphics

Conclusion: A simple way to keep track of your Android phone’s battery consumption!

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Top Android Widget: LED Light

Posted on Nov 4, 2010 in Tools, Top Rated Apps, Top Rated Widgets | comment

LED Light is a simple Android widget that lets you control the LED of the camera.

  • Version: 1.1.3
  • Size: 110KB
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free

First off, the obvious must be stated. Your phone must have a camera LED flash in order to use this widget. You have a couple of options on how to activate this widget once it’s on your homescreen. Either tap the switch or shake your phone to activate (make adjustments in the settings). If you choose to go with the shake-to-activate setting, make sure to turn it off afterward. This widget is very responsive and doesn’t require activating the camera to use (like some other similar apps do). Additionally, there isn’t a timer on the LED light either.


  • Instant activation via widget
  • LED light > LCD screen as a flashlight
  • Turns off when screen times-out to avoid inadvertently leaving it on

Areas for improvement:

  • Brightness level options

Conclusion: A handy Android widget for everyone whose phone has an LED flash.

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Top Android Widget: Post It Desk

Posted on Sep 12, 2010 in Tools, Top Rated Apps, Top Rated Widgets | 1 comment

Post It Desk is a very simple, handy Post-It widget for your homescreen.

  • Version: 1.2.81
  • Size: 448KB
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free

This widget is intended to help you not forget the small things in your busy day. Call mom? Pick-up milk from the grocery store? Put these notes to yourself on your homescreen and make sure you get them done.

There are three different widget sizes to choose from, multiple post-it colors available, and different font sizes to fit any size note. You can even send your note via SMS if need be.


  • Easy way to remind yourself of tasks
  • Customizable sizes, colors, font sizes

Areas for improvement:

  • Aesthetic look could be improved
  • Needs option to permanently save notes

Conclusion: Handy reminders posted directly on your homescreen.

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Multicon Maximizes Android HomeScreen Space

Posted on Aug 10, 2010 in Tools, Top Rated Apps, Top Rated Widgets | 8 comments

Multicon is a widget with a simple goal, save space on your Android homescreen!

  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 39.56KB
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free

All you really need to know about this must-have widget is that it allows you to put four icons in the same space as would normally fit one. Note that this is a widget so in order to use it, you’ll have to long press and add it to your homescreen. After this, you’ll see four little Androids. Click on each one and assign a specific app’s icon to it. It’s as simple as that.


  • Instantly quadruple homescreen space
  • Icons look as crisp and elegant as their full sized counterparts
  • Quick and easy to implement!

Areas for improvement:

  • The ability to also add widgets, folders, bookmarks, etc. would make this widget complete

Conclusion: A simple, genius widget that should surely be used if you’re looking to maximize your Android homescreen space. If you’re tired of having apps spread across multiple pages, you now have a solution!

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Top Android Widget: Fantasy LockScreen

Posted on Jul 7, 2010 in Tools, Top Rated Apps, Top Rated Widgets | comment

Fantasy Lockscreen is easily one of the simplest, yet most useful widgets in the Android Market. Thank you to @woohoohockey for suggesting this Android widget for us to review!

  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 109KB
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free

This Android widget allows you to quickly activate or deactivate the LockScreen pattern. It’s 1×1 size takes up as little homescreen space as possible. When the door is closed, the LockScreen pattern is on. When it’s open, the LockScreen pattern is off. So when you’re not worried about losing your phone or having someone else pick it up and go through any of your personal information, turn the LockScreen off to avoid performing your unlock pattern repeatedly. Admittedly, going through your unlock pattern is a fairly quick process, but this widget does have advantages.

To add the widget, press: Home > Menu > Add > Widgets > Fantasy LockScreen, or long press on your homescreen.

To setup or change your unlock pattern, press: Settings > Security & Location > Change unlock pattern.


  • 1×1 size minimizes real-estate usage
  • As simple of a widget as it gets!

Areas for improvement:

  • Widget icon could be more attractive, or there could be multiple design options to choose from.

Conclusion: If you find yourself annoyed by repeatedly unlocking your phone, this quick toggling widget is just for you!

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