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Weekly Sponsorship, Promote Your Android App

Thank you for your interest, but at this time, BestAndroidAppsReview is no longer running Promotional Reviews.

If you’d like to promote your Android app or Android game to the avid readers of Best Android Apps Review, our Weekly Sponsorship is the best, most direct way to expand your reach. Our weekly sponsorship includes:

1.  A promotional post about your Android app or Android game

This is Best Android Apps Review’s recommendation of your app or game and therefore leverages the influence and authority we’ve earned from the Android community. Because of this, we will evaluate and accept only sponsors for Android apps and games that we can stand behind and truly believe our readers will truly enjoy.

Promotional posts can also include app giveaways or other special discounts if you so choose.

Post will be published early in the week (Monday or Tuesday).

2.  A promotional tweet and Google+ page post

These will be follow-up endorsements of your Android app or game and will include a link to the promotional post above.

3.  A spot in our “Featured Content” list

Your Android app or game will be included in our “Featured Content” list widget, alongside some of our most popular content. This widget is displayed on every single page on Best Android Apps Review, including the homepage.


Who Will I Reach?

Best Android Apps Review has over 4,000 RSS subscribers, 4,000 Twitter followers, 700 Google+ fans, and receives approximately 250,000 page views per month.

As one of the leading sources of Android app information, we publish quality content enjoyed by the full spectrum of Android users, from pure beginners to power-users to other developers. Our readers are eager to discover the latest and greatest Android apps and share them with their friends, family, coworkers, etc.


Pricing & Availability

Exclusive weekly sponsorship is available for $99.

If you believe your Android app or game meets the standards our readers have come to expect and would like to differentiate your app from the thousands in the Android Market, please fill out our inquiry form below to get started.


Get you Android App found!