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Top Android App: Mario Live Wallpaper

Posted on Jul 18, 2010 in Themes, Top Rated Apps | 1 comment

Who loves Mario? We do too! Now, watch Mario play through different levels as a live wallpaper.

  • Version: 0.93b
  • Size: 243 KB
  • Category: Themes
  • Price: Free

Mario Live Wallpaper is an entertaining, customizable theme. (This will only work on phones with Android 2.1+)

On my Samsung Vibrant the wallpaper was very smooth and did not lag at all. There are multiple levels that Mario will play through so you’ll definitely not get bored.

Some of the great options included:

  • Render background – Disable background graphics to speed up animation.
  • Frames per second – Higher FPS may use more phone resources.
  • Low priority – Speeds up other tasks by making live wallpaper lower priority.
  • Always in center – Keep Mario centered when changing homescreen panels.
  • Operating mode – Playback mode (saves battery) and AI mode (renders Mario’s considered paths to see the moves he was deciding between, and course difficulty).


  • Plenty of options to save battery life and decrease wallpaper’s affect on phone resources
  • Smooth performance and retro graphics
  • Multiple levels

Areas for improvement:

  • Additional levels would always be a plus

Conclusion: A live wallpaper that will surely impress all non-Android users. Show it off!

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