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Fragger Android Game, Grenade Launching Action

Fragger Android Game, Grenade Launching Action

The Fragger Android Game is a grenade launching action adventure, where hundreds of tricky levels meet hundreds of exploding enemies.

  • Version: 1.0.6
  • Size: 19.09MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free

Fragger features over 370 challenging levels spread across 12 different worlds. The mission of each level is to obliterate every single enemy using the limited supply of grenades provided. Throwing grenades is a simple process aided by a large arrow to help fine tune the direction and strength of your throw. Move your finger around the screen to adjust the angle and then move toward/away from Fragger to set the strength. You can perform these actions from anywhere on your device’s screen so that your finger doesn’t obstruct your view.

This Android game boasts solid graphics and an accurate physics-engine that add significantly to its extended playability. Also, a convenient design feature is the fixed menu attached to the right side of the screen, which enables you to pause or reset a level with one quick click (you’ll use this menu more and more as levels get progressively more difficult).

If you get stuck on a level, the developer has built in a couple neat options to help thwart any serious frustration you might experience. For one, there’s the option to view the working solution so that you can then try to execute it yourself. Second, you can also choose to completely skip a level. Note that these options are limited and once they’ve been exhausted you’ll either have to purchase more or earn them for free (the in-game link for free coins/credits was not available at the time of this review).


  • 370 levels of fragging enemies
  • Attractive, cartoon-like graphics
  • Physics-engine provides consistent, accurate gameplay
  • Options to save you from seemingly impassable levels

Areas for improvement:

  • Mitigate problems that arise from having to download large level packs only as they are unlocked (not ideal unless you’re around WiFi at that time)

Conclusion: The Fragger Android game is quite reminiscent of Angry Birds but with the added explosive power of grenades!

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  1. A complete fun game to play with .. I really liked the graphics and the way it is characterized !!

  2. cool

  3. Really cool game – found out about it from Applorer and many other similar awesome games too! Check out:

  4. It is a very fun game, I think it’s a combination between Angry Birds and Hambo, on one hand you have a soldier who fights bad guys and on the other you have the aim with which you shoot birds, but in this case what shoot are grenades. This is another good game for Android OS, I recommend it.

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