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Blast Monkeys Android Game, Barrel of Fun

Blast Monkeys Android Game, Barrel of Fun

The Blast Monkeys Android game is as “fun as a barrel of monkeys” thanks largely in part to its cute graphics and rapid-fire gameplay.

  • Version: 2.5
  • Size: 4.22MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free


Blast Monkeys currently features over 270 levels across 9 worlds with more promised to be coming soon. Each level starts with Moki the monkey in a cannon ready to be launched. To fire Moki just tap the large, green button directly on the cannon. If the cannon is rotating, make sure to time your shot to happen at the precise angle.

Each level’s objective is to reach the rainbow-colored “goal” surrounding the targeted banana bunch. Depending on the complexity of the level you may need to bounce off walls, shoot by moving platforms, or use the blue bubbles positioned throughout certain levels. When Moki comes in contact with a bubble it will envelop him and then float upwards until you pop it by tapping it (which will release Moki). These bubbles are vital to the second objective of each level which is to collect all three single bananas. Each banana earns you MokiCoin which can be used to unlock new worlds as you progress through the game.




  • 250+ levels to conquer
  • Unlock more challenging worlds as you improve
  • Quick-fire gameplay offers uninterrupted fun
  • Charming, but very simple graphics

Areas for improvement:

  • Rectify issues where Moki gets stuck without falling or any option to move (forces you to restart level)
  • Enhance graphics quality and smoothness

Conclusion: If you’re ready to fire monkeys from cannons, eat tons of bananas, and be challenged by hundreds of levels, download the Blast Monkeys Android game.

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