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Voltage Android Game, Addicting Tetris-like Puzzle

Voltage Android Game, Addicting Tetris-like Puzzle

The Voltage Android game combines a drop-block, Tetris-like gameplay with a more complicated, demanding requirement for removing said blocks.

  • Version: 1.05
  • Size: 15.45MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free

Voltage features a 7×7 game board lined on the sides with oppositely charged electrodes that must be connected to complete a circuit (and remove the included blocks from the board). The challenge is created by the different types of blocks that can form various connections (e.g. up-down, left-right, turns). In true Tetris fashion, blocks can be moved left/right and then sent downward to the position you desire. In addition to different connection types, pay attention to certain blocks that rotate as they’re moved left/right as well as others that cannot be moved at all.

This Android game features three different gameplay types; block limit, time limit, and unlimited (all of which are relatively straightforward). Block limit requires more calculated moves with a focus on planning future circuits while time limit tests your quick thinking and snap-decision making skills. With OpenFeint integration, you can compete against all other Android users for the highest scores in all of the different modes.

Hint: always pay attention to the block that is coming up next as it will likely influence where you play the current block.




  • Simple, familiar gameplay with a challenging twist
  • Success requires logic, planning, and strategy
  • Multiple modes to master
  • OpenFeint integration, global scores

Areas for improvement:

  • Purpose and function of special power-ups need better explanation and more obvious icons

Conclusion: The Voltage Android game features Tetris-like gameplay where you must clear the board by moving/rotating blocks to create a circuit.

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  1. Addictive, not addicting.

  2. Stuck on level 29 is it broke?

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