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My Pregnancy Today Android App, Daily Guide

My Pregnancy Today Android App, Daily Guide

The My Pregnancy Today Android app is a comprehensive daily pregnancy guide with a wealth of information for all expectant parents.

  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Size: 21.57MB (app2SD enabled)
  • Category: Health & Fitness
  • Price: Free

To get started with the app, enter (or calculate) your baby’s due date to instantly jump to the most relevant information in the pregnancy calendar. This calendar is the fundamental feature of the My Pregnancy Today app and provides week-specific developmental updates, videos, checklists, and more.

You’ll interact most with the Checklist tab which includes 40+ weeks worth of tips, activities, and reminders to make your pregnancy as comfortable and stress-free as possible (e.g. helps stay on top of your appointments, classes, and future baby planning). An example checklist section (for 20 weeks) is as follows: 1) celebrate your halfway point 2) talk to your baby, sing, or play music 3) keep track of your baby’s movements 4) pack healthy snacks 5) do some Kegel exercises. Click on a specific item for more information (and in some cases supplemental material linked to the website).

Overall, BabyCenter provides the highest quality and greatest quantity of valuable information in any pregnancy Android app.




  • Day by day, comprehensive pregnancy guide
  • See what your baby looks like with the fetal development images
  • Nutrition tips, birthing videos, and recommended activities
  • “Birth Club” community of other women due in the same month

Areas for improvement:

  • Integrate community forums into the app itself (remove need to leave app for mobile browser)

Conclusion: The My Pregnancy Today Android app is an essential resource for the expectant mother (and probably clueless father) no matter if its your first or fifth child.

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