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Shoot the Apple Android Game, Fruit & Aliens?

Shoot the Apple Android Game, Fruit & Aliens?

The Shoot the Apple Android game is a familiar projectile-firing game with some unique twists to keep it all interesting.

  • Version: 1.0.1
  • Size: 8.61MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free

Shoot the Apple has many gameplay similarities to the extremely popular game Angry Birds and even Shoot the Birds. In this rendition, you must fire aliens at a single, red apple that they have grown to love (not sure how this otherworldly addiction began in the first place, but we’ll go with it).

Unlike the aforementioned games, instead of pull-back-and-release shooting, here you simply tap on the screen (the distance from the cannon generates the level of power while also setting the firing angle). You can also fire as many aliens as it takes to hit the targeted apple, but the number of coins you earn at the end of each level depends on how efficient you were. Earning the maximum number of coins is critical to unlocking future theme areas and progressing through the 150+ levels currently available.

Some of the best levels I’ve encountered thus far require exact timing, moving targets, and rapid firing. Whereas some games can quickly become repetitive and lose their luster, this Android game has surprised by continuing to introduce new challenges even in the later levels. It’s as if each and every level is a standalone puzzle with its very own unique solution.


  • 150+ levels of physics-based gameplay
  • Solutions require angled shots, precise timing, and other creative means
  • Ragdoll, flopping movement of the alien “ammunition” is quite entertaining
  • Option to purchase coins (and advance in the game) if you’re completely stuck

Areas for improvement:

  • Improve ad-placement not to interfere with levels (and offer a paid, ad-free version)
  • Game’s storyline could use some clarity and refinement

Conclusion: While the graphics and storyline do leave a bit to be desired, there’s no denying that the Shoot the Apple Android game is extremely addicting and will make you think!

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