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Google Currents Android App, Personalized Magazine-Style Web Content

Google Currents Android App, Personalized Magazine-Style Web Content

The Google Currents Android app is a simple, elegant way to view your favorite web content all in one place.

  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 5.61MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: News & Weather
  • Price: Free

Google Currents is Google’s response to popular apps like Flipboard (iOS) and Pulse Reader which provide a simple interface for perusing your favorite RSS feeds, web content, and social content.

The app’s homepage (and overall layout) is extremely clean with sharp icons for your content as well as large, scrolling pictures from the latest content. To sync content you’d like to keep tabs on, tap the “add more” button and select from preprogrammed categories (e.g. business, design, entertainment), add from your Google Reader subscriptions, or use the search feature (extremely efficient).

The Trending tab features the freshest content from around the web pulled together by Google’s powerful search algorithms. In the “add more” section you can also select additional topics to supplement the trending “Top Stories”.

When viewing a specific feed, you’ll notice the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen (reminiscent of what we’ve seen thus far in Android 4.0) which holds icons for sharing the current feed/article, flipping to the next article, and going back to the content list, among other things.

While the Google Currents Android app is impressive as a version 1.0 release, there are some obvious shortcomings. First off, the overall performance seems to be somewhat sluggish at times, especially when content is actively syncing. Second, while the left-to-right pagination might work for some content, it is not conducive to blog style content. A preference in the settings for selecting left-to-right vs. top-to-bottom reading would be appreciated. Third, the social integration between the content and your friends/followers/etc. is severely lacking. Surely this last point will be a cornerstone of Google Currents’ longevity and future success.

Note: Currently available only in the U.S. Android Market.




  • Beautiful, functional interface to display and navigate content
  • Optimized, magazine-style layout for phones and tablets alike
  • Sync’d content can be accessed across devices and offline
  • Trending content from around the web accrued hourly

Areas for improvement:

  • Improve app’s general speed and performance
  • Improve social integration with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Conclusion: The Google Currents Android app is an excellent start to what will surely be a powerful, personalized web content aggregator (much like the extremely popular iOS app Flipboard).

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