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Apparatus Android Game, Build Simple Structure Solutions

Apparatus Android Game, Build Simple Structure Solutions

The Apparatus Android game tests your ability to build simple, mechanical structures to transfer one (or more) marbles from their starting position to the finishing bin.

  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 9.58MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: $2.45

Apparatus features 44 main levels as well as a Christmas Level Pack containing 10 bonus levels. The first few levels are specifically designed to teach you the basic gameplay, which is welcomed considering the complexity of later solutions. Additionally, the initial levels also help familiarize new players with how to select/deselect, rotate, and connect various parts of their apparatus.

Each level has one or more colored marbles that must be navigated to the matching colored bin. Contraption solutions will use a combination of unmovable, fixed pieces (e.g. stone blocks) and other parts which can be manipulated. The latter parts include wood planks, wood balls, rope, electrical connectors & battery unit, and more. These components can be used by themselves or together to build bridges, catapults, swings, etc. To make these more complex structures, hammer or wrench two or more components together by tapping the icon that pops up when two pieces get close enough together. To undo these connections, tap the icons that appear in the top right of the screen after selecting the already connected piece.

While early levels are relatively straightforward, later levels are much more difficult and require a fair amount of creativity and patience to solve. Use the play/pause buttons liberally to find what parts of your setup create the desired effect and which may need revising.

Because of the amount of detail required to render these levels, many of the pieces you must manipulate are small which can be frustrating depending on your screen size (this Android game is obviously best played on a tablet). If you’re playing on an Android phone, make use of the pinch-to-zoom feature for fine tuning selections/positions.

If you complete all of the standard levels, check out the Community Levels for user-generated challenges. Or, if you just want to play around, the Sandbox lets you create completely customized levels.


  • Build mechanical apparatuses to collect the marbles in their bins
  • Sophisticated physics engine and gameplay
  • 54 levels included + community generated challenges
  • Create your own levels in the Sandbox

Areas for improvement:

  • Improve component selection mechanism for when pieces are very close together, e.g. button to toggle through pieces

Conclusion: The Apparatus Android game features elaborate, physics-based levels that require both critical thinking and some extensive trial and error. If you enjoy math/science related puzzles, get ready to spend some time with this Android game.

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