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Streamzoo Android App, Ultimate Photo & Video Sharing

Streamzoo Android App, Ultimate Photo & Video Sharing

The Streamzoo Android app is the “ultimate photo and video sharing app” thanks to its elegant interface and extensive list of social & editing features.

  • Version: 1.6.0
  • Size: 2.34MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Photography
  • Price: Free

Streamzoo is a social app dedicated to sharing pictures and videos with other photography enthusiasts. The app’s navigation and general interface has obviously been streamlined for uploading content, browsing others’ submissions, and interacting with the established community.

Streamzoo works by organizing photos and videos by various hashtags like #nature, #beach, and of course #android. Once you’ve created an account (requires email, password, and name) you’ll be able to “follow” streams, as well as specific users, much like you follow friends on Facebook or topics on Twitter. On the app’s homescreen, all content in your followed streams is compiled chronologically in the Feed. When new photos are added, a numbered notification will appear on top of the icon.

Photos in your Feed (and throughout the app) are displayed nearly at their maximum size which makes for a truly enjoyable browsing experience (no tiny, grainy thumbnails to click on over-and-over again). Plus, you can view the photo’s tags, “Like” it, or add a comment directly from the Feed stream as well.

With the Likes and comments your photos/videos receive you will earn points which add a fun aspect to the app in a competitive, positive-reinforcement type way. Check out the Leaderboard to see the users who have earned the most points for the last day, week, and month. As such, the Leaderboard is a great way to discover some of the most popular, active users who you may like to follow.

To add your very own content, tap the camera icon and select whether you want to add a photo/video from your gallery or via real-time capture. You’ll then encounter another exceptional feature of this Android app in its set of filters, borders, tilt shift, and advanced tools for creating a true masterpiece. The next screen lets you add a description of hashtags (many listed there already for convenience) and then optionally geotag your content and share it with Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr before uploading.




  • Incredibly elegant, fool-proof user interface
  • Follow #streams of photos/videos as well as users
  • Likes, comments, and points create solid sense of community
  • Edit, filter, enhance photos before uploading

Areas for improvement:

  • Enable sharing to additional apps and services (currently only Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr)

Conclusion: The Streamzoo Android app lets you “discover and share #streams of photos and videos” in a social network type community of likes, comments, and popularity points.

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