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Shopkick Android App, Deals & Rewards Abound

Shopkick Android App, Deals & Rewards Abound

The Shopkick Android app is the perfect shopping companion, offering location-based deals and rewards from many popular, large retailers.

  • Version: 2.3.2
  • Size: 5.74MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Shopping
  • Price: Free

Shopkick works by letting you earn reward points (“kicks”) that you can redeem for free gift cards, products, etc. In addition to these rewards, the app also presents you with new deals from some of the largest retailers. For example, based on my location (near San Francisco), walk-in kicks and deals were displayed for 24+ stores like Macy’s, Old Navy, Target, Best Buy, and Barnes & Noble. The list of stores is available in the “Nearby” tab.

There are various ways to earn “kicks”, including simply walking into a store, scanning some of their featured products, or even buying specific items. Next to each store and inside the green bubbles, you’ll find the total number of “kicks” you can earn there. The walk-in feature requires that the app be opened and ready when you walk through the entrance (might require some patience to ensure it registers). If you run into trouble with this functionality, the app recommends standing near the entrance, checking your reception, and/or restarting the app/your phone to resolve the problem. For “kicks” earned by purchasing a qualifying item, you’ll have to link your card to Visa’s site via the app’s settings menu.

If you come across a deal you’d like to save for later, use the “fave” star button in the top right corner of the app. This also works for marking stores as favorites if you’d like to easily access (and check back on) their deals. later

The “Rewards” tab lists the various offers you can redeem with your collection of “kicks”. The rewards are almost entirely for the retailers partnering with the Shopkick Android app (which makes sense), but are surprisingly attainable and worthwhile. For example, 400 “kicks” gets you a $25 gift certificate to while 1250 “kicks” gets you a 5, 10, or $25 gift card to Macy’s (would like to know how the various dollar amounts are awarded).

Finally, use the “Me” tab to view your rewards, badges, or to invite your friends.




  • Collect “kicks” by walking-in to stores, scanning items, or browsing deals
  • Cash in “kicks” for rewards like gift cards
  • Buy & Collect lets you earn “kicks” by making qualified purchases with your linked Visa debit/credit card
  • Browse special deals from local, large retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Macy’s

Areas for improvement:

  • Explain how “instand gift card” values are assigned. Are differing value amounts distributed randomly, proportionally, etc?

Conclusion: The Shopkick Android app is a fun way to discover various deals and earn rewards for shopping at many popular retailers.

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