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Fuzzy Logic Android Game, Mix & Match Fuzzies

Fuzzy Logic Android Game, Mix & Match Fuzzies

The Fuzzy Logic Android game is a puzzle player’s paradise, requiring strategic moving, mixing, and matching of “Fuzzies” to clear them off the game board.

  • Version: 1.11
  • Size: 5.97MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free 

The ultimate goal of each level in the Fuzzy Logic Android game is to clear each and every “Fuzzy” from the board. To make them disappear you must send two Fuzzies of the same color colliding into one another. The trick here is that only one Fuzzy can be moved at a time (move by flicking the Fuzzy either up, down, left, or right). Helping in your mission are squares called “Blockers” that a Fuzzy can stick to. Note that the edge of the board does not have this same effect and your Fuzzy will return to its original position.

Adding to the difficulty of this Android game is the fact that Fuzzies of different colors can, in some cases, combine to make a Fuzzy of a new color. For example, if you come across a blue and a yellow Fuzzy and send them careening into one another, they will create a single green Fuzzy. You should be able to pick up on what type of combinations are necessary by the number of each colored Fuzzy on the game board. If Fuzzies don’t mix, the moving Fuzzy will simply stop adjacent to the other. Use this to help align Fuzzies so that you can then crash them together.

Overall, this Android game features a challenging progression of levels (48 free levels to begin with) that initially helps you understand the general gameplay before it gets more difficult. Relative to similar games available in the Android Market, Fuzzy Logic features attractive graphics and animations that give it an incredibly polished feel.

To unlock further level packs you’ll either need to earn “Fuzzy Points” by completing certain actions like downloading other free Android apps or signing up for special offers. You can also buy points from within the app through Google Checkout. While some may prefer a full-featured paid app, this is a great way for the developer to monetize their game and reduce Android Market duplication all in one.




  • 48 free levels/puzzles to complete
  • Polished graphics and engaging animations
  • “Getting started” level pack serves as gameplay tutorial
  • Addictive!

Areas for improvement:

  • Hints/solutions for the later levels built into the game itself

Conclusion: The Fuzzy Logic Android game is a must-download for any puzzle addict because of its clever gameplay and the necessity for creative solutions.

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