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The Android app lets you send free push-to-talk voice notes (much like a walkie-talkie) to anyone, regardless if they have the Android (or iOS) app or not.

  • Version: 1.2.4
  • Size: 2.57MB (no apps2SD)
  • Category: Communication
  • Price: Free is the perfect compromise between an impersonal text message and a real-time phone call. It lets you send semi-instantaneous voice notes to any of your contacts.

The way it works is actually quite similar to the Tikl – Touch to Talk app in that once you’ve selected a recipient, you press and hold the button to record your message. Once you release the “Hold & Speak” button your message will automatically be sent. Where this Android app differs from Tikl – Touch to Talk is that communication isn’t exactly real-time like you’d experience with a walkie-talkie. Instead, records and sends messages as data which introduces some loading time (on the order of a few seconds) but enables messages to be listened to later, saved, etc. if you can’t respond immediately.

One of the best features of this Android app is actually its voice note playback. When you’re engaged in a push-to-talk conversation, you can choose to either have incoming messages automatically play through the speaker (out loud) or only initiate playback when your phone is held to your ear (ideal for listening to messages privately). However, if you’re not currently in a specific conversation, you’ll instead receive notifications indicating new messages have arrived.

Note: Make sure your Media volume is not muted, otherwise you won’t hear incoming messages.



  • Send and receive free voice notes & text messages (via data connection)
  • More personal than a text message, less interruptive than a phone call
  • Easy setup and push-to-talk functionality
  • Multiple message playback options
  • Compatible with iOS counterparts

Areas for improvement:

  • Add options to customize/control notifications
  • Ability to cancel a message without sending (e.g. slide finger upwards off the record button)

Conclusion: The Android app is a fun, creative way to send personalized voice notes instantly to any of your contacts with its push-to-talk functionality.

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