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Best Android Apps Review Google+ Page [Giveaway – OVER]

Best Android Apps Review Google+ Page [Giveaway – OVER]

Today Google announced the introduction of Google+ Pages where businesses, websites, and brands can create a place to connect with their customers, readers, and fans.

We’d like to invite all of our readers and fans who are on Google+ to add the Best Android Apps Review Google+ page to your circles. You might have noticed that your Google+ profile has a new circle called “Following” which automatically adds all of your pages into a single circle.

To incentivize and reward our earliest Google+ Page followers, we’ll be giving away 20 of the sold-out Android mini collectible series 02 figures. 5 of these figures are in unopened blind boxes, while the other 15 have been unboxed. These Android figures are perfect for displaying your Android pride at work, in your car, or around your house! Winners will be chosen at random and announced on our Google+ Page on Thursday, Nov. 10th at 7:00PM PST.


We look forward to seeing you on Google+! Click the icon below to go directly to our page.

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