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AAA Discounts Android App, Members Save Money

AAA Discounts Android App, Members Save Money

The AAA Discounts Android app is the easiest way to locate nearby retailers offering member discounts so you can save.

  • Version: 1.3.3
  • Size: 340KB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Price: Free

For those of us in the U.S. and Canada, AAA is best known for its incredibly reliable Roadside Assistance and endless member discounts. So it should be no surprise that this app gives you location-specific discounts from the database of over 110,000 restaurants, hotels, and retailers.

When you open the AAA Discounts Android app, your phone will kickstart its GPS to find your location and provide the nearest restaurants, hotels, and other retailers currently offering reduced rates. If you can’t get a clear lock with GPS, just type in your city or zipcode into the search bar (I found this to be the most reliable regardless).

In the map view, you’ll be pleased to know that when you zoom in/out or drag the map it will automatically search and refresh the newly selected area. Tap a pin to view the specific retailer name and tap again to view its location, phone number, and the featured discount. Personally, I prefer the list view (access in Menu) as a more efficient search method since it lists merchant names and discounts all on the same page. Additionally, if you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can filter search results by category (shopping, dining, lodging, entertainment, health, automative, travel, and services).




  • Browse 110,000 AAA-member discounts
  • Map and list views based on your location
  • Filter retailers by category
  • Retailer pages feature merchant information, phone number, and turn-by-turn directions

Areas for improvement:

  • GPS constantly runs if a lock is not made, draining battery
  • General interface is quite lackluster

Conclusion: For AAA members, the AAA Discounts Android app is not only simple to use but perfect for taking advantage of the great savings your membership provides you.

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