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Paper Camera Android App, Real-Time Filters for Phenomenal Photos

Paper Camera Android App, Real-Time Filters for Phenomenal Photos

The Paper Camera Android app features original, creative filters which you can browse through and apply before taking any pictures, all in real-time.

  • Version: 1.2g
  • Size: 1.77MB (no apps2SD)
  • Category: Photography
  • Price: $1.99

With an extensive collection of original and stylish filters, Paper Camera packs a creative punch you’ll turn to again and again. The difference between this Android app and many others like it is the fact that you can select effects and view them through the “viewfinder” before taking the picture. Many apps feature post-processing filters which you can apply to photos after the fact, but that’s just not as fun (on a side note, Paper Camera can do this as well).

The camera’s interface provides easy access to real-time adjustments of contrast, brightness, and lines (a characteristic of many of the filters). Use the refresh button to return settings to their default values. If you didn’t already notice the large red camera icon, tap it to capture your photo. If you’d like to apply certain effects to already existing pictures in your gallery, tap the green list icon to the left of the camera button.

Effect filters include comic boom, sketch up, acquarello, old printer, neon cola, con tours, bleaching, gotham noir, half ton, granny’s paper, and pastel perfect.


  • 10+ filters to transform standard photos as you take them
  • Apply effects to already existing pictures in your Android gallery
  • Real-time adjustments to contrast, brightness, and “lines”
  • Whimsical, easy-to-navigate viewfinder interface

Areas for improvement:

  • Add ability to toggle between viewfinder interface and full-screen viewing

Conclusion: The Paper Camera Android app includes some of the best effects for creating unique, captivating photos with no need for post-processing.

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