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InviteWiz Android App, Group SMS Invites & Tallying

InviteWiz Android App, Group SMS Invites & Tallying

The InviteWiz Android app is a specialized group messaging app in that it allows you to send event invitations and keep track of all responses received via SMS text messages.

  • Version: 2.0.2
  • Size: 1.09MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Social
  • Price: Free

InviteWiz is a one-stop-shop for creating group events and simultaneously inviting as many people as you please with a single, simple to setup SMS message. The intuitive interface means you can open the app and get started in seconds, without the need to create an account or read any lengthy tutorial (awesome!).

The large green ‘+’ button opens a new invite page where you can fill in the who, what, when, and where of your event. If you plan on using the InviteWiz Android app for a recurring event, consider creating a group of required attendees for easier use later. Finally, before you click the “Done” button, tap the “List recipients” option to view who you’ve included and double check that you haven’t accidentally left someone off (don’t make someone feel left out!). Use the “Note” section to add extra details about the event. To personalize your invites, use “tokens” to automatically incorporate a contacts name (%C) or first name (%F) into the note. Also, make sure to check the “Include reply hint” box to include a line in your message instructing recipients to reply with yes/no/maybe for proper tallying.

From the “Recipients” tab in an event you can view the list of people who have and have not responded to your invitation. If someone responds without using the yes/no/maybe <message> nomenclature, the response will show up as “unclear” but can be easily fixed by manually assigning the correct response.

The Pro version of InviteWiz is available via an in-app purchase of $4.95 and is ad-free with added invite templates and a customizable response dictionary for enhanced reply interpretations.




  • Simplified group SMS event invitations
  • Response interpretation tallies invitation responses
  • No registration or account needed
  • Extremely intuitive interface expedites the entire process

Areas for improvement:

  • Add identifying text in sent messages to avoid recipient confusion/suspicion, e.g. “Event invitation sent with the InviteWiz Android app.” (Update: available with the reply hint trailer under Settings > Language Dependencies > Reply hint trailer)

Conclusion: The InviteWiz Android app is a streamlined group invitation and response monitoring app, which works universally through SMS text messages. Smartphone or not, find out who is coming to your next party, meeting, or concert.

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