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Hexxagon Android Game, Competitive Strategy Challenge

Hexxagon Android Game, Competitive Strategy Challenge

The Hexxagon Android game is an abstract, strategy game played against two or three other players (computers) on a hexagonal-tiled board.

  • Version: 1.50
  • Size: 3.84MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free

Hexxagon is a turn-based game where your ultimate goal is to control more of the tiles than your opponent. With each turn, you have the option to spawn one of your tiles adjacent to an already existing tile OR jump one of your existing tiles two tiles away to a new location. With each move, all of your opponent’s tiles adjacent to your newly positioned tile will automatically fall under your control, and therefore become yours. Turns will continue until the entire board is filled, with the winner determined by whoever has the most tiles.

This Android game features three different modes: Puzzle, Rating, and Zen. Puzzle mode contains over 100 unique levels with varying degrees of difficulty (easiest – 1 bronze star to the hardest – 3 gold stars). The more levels you complete, the higher your puzzle score. Rating mode lets you choose the level of difficulty you’d like to go up against, from 200 up to 2400, where you’ll earn more rating points for greater difficulty. Lastly, Zen mode gives you access to the 3-player boards which require even further strategizing.




  • 100+ levels to conquer
  • Range of difficulty modes for all skill levels
  • 2 and 3-player boards
  • Scoreloop integration for global, local leaderboards

Areas for improvement:

  • Multiplayer mode
  • Localize rankings and scores across the various modes

Conclusion: Hexxagon is the ultimate strategy, thinker’s Android game where each move can change the entire landscape of the game.

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