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Drop the Star Android Game, Destroy Blocks & Save the Star

Drop the Star Android Game, Destroy Blocks & Save the Star

The Drop the Star Android game challenges you to strategically destroy blocks to rescue the cute, little star that has been stranded high above the “safe platform”.

  • Version: 1.0.5
  • Size: 21.81MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free

Drop the Star features 8 different stages to make your way through, with a total of 120 levels each with their own unique solution. Before each level, the preview screen will define how many moves will earn you how many stars, the ultimate rating being three stars (aka points). Subsequently, the points you earn can be used to buy various power-ups to use on especially challenging levels. To utilize the following power-ups, press the menu button during a level to pull up the “pause menu”.

Power-ups (cost):

  1. “Freeze” – effectively freezes all objects in place until you’ve destroyed 2 objects or 15 seconds has passed (6 points)
  2. “Slow motion” – slows all object’s movement for 5 seconds, making strategic moves easier to execute (7 points)
  3. “Cheater” – prevents the red counter from registering when you destroy objects, enabling you to earn higher scores (8 points)

One characteristic of this Android game that really jumps out at you is the graphics, not only in the gameplay itself but throughout all of the menus and game screens as well. It’s obvious that particular attention was paid to the details during development of this game. Additionally, if you’re a fan of music soundtracks to go along with your games, Drop the Star delivers with 3 zen-like tracks that will sooth you as you play. For these reasons (on top of the great gameplay), you’re bound to come back again and again until you’ve conquered every last level.


  • 120 levels spanned across 8 stages
  • Challenging, physics-based gameplay
  • 3 different power-ups to overcome the most difficult levels
  • Vibrant, colorful HD graphics

Areas for improvement:

  • Timeline for release of world 2 (additional levels)
  • Optional ad-free, paid version

Conclusion: A surprisingly challenging Android game where your ultimate goal is to drop the star onto the safety platform by destroying a limited number of blocks and in doing so earn all three stars.

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