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Constant C, a G-Sensor Accelerometer Android Game

Constant C, a G-Sensor Accelerometer Android Game

Constant C is an accelerometer Android game where you must control the direction of gravity to avoid obstacles and defeat the dark force that has over taken the universe.

  • Version: 1.02.3
  • Size: 20.44MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free

Constant C is the name of the robot protagonist who has a small sphere of influence inside of which time and gravity can be controlled. However, outside of the sphere, all other objects are frozen and will not move unless they enter Constant C’s sphere.

The 29 levels start off relatively easy with the goal of teaching you the basic skills you’ll need to develop for later levels. The first thing you’ll have to learn is how to switch the direction of gravity. To do this, you’ll need to rotate your Android device and then press the gravity button (represented by a “G” and arrow). Until you press the gravity button, the direction of gravity will be unchanged no matter which orientation your device is in. Use this to your advantage to make more accurate jumps and moves.

Before you start a new level you’ll be given a panning view of the entire area from the end back to the beginning. Use this information to plan a successful route in which you avoid deadly spikes, eternal falls, and crushing blocks. Succumb to any of these obstacles and Constant C will immediately break into all of his nuts and bolts.


  • G-sensor (accelerometer) is an integral part of the gameplay
  • Levels require “solving” like a puzzle
  • Includes a storyline and hints along the way

Areas for improvement:

  • Storyline could use some development/clarification
  • Increase gravity button size for easier, faster gravity changes

Conclusion: Constant C is a gravity-based, puzzle-type Android game which fully integrates the g-sensor (accelerometer) into its gameplay, with levels that demand a plan and creative solutions to complete.

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