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Calendroid Pro Android Calendar App

Calendroid Pro Android Calendar App

The Calendroid Pro Android app is an alternative calendar with more useful customizations than the current stock Android calendar.

  • Version:
  • Size: 713KB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Productivity
  • Price: Free

Calendroid Pro is an excellent replacement to the current stock Android calendar, especially if you find the latter to be lacking in basic features and general usability in terms of day-to-day meeting management. While this Android app keeps many of the stock calendar’s basic functions, there are minor tweaks which will make it your new, preferred calendar.

Valuable enhancements:

  1. An extremely handy timeline slider which lets you instantly switch views without the need for tabs or other less efficient navigation methods. The slider can be adjusted to show between one day and two weeks time.
  2. Refined event selection mechanism for those of you with very busy calendars. Tapping on an event creates a popup with a brief summary of the meeting’s details e.g. when and where it will occur. To see the full event information, just click the popup. This feature alone sets Calendroid Pro above the stock Android calendar app because it lets you instantly see event elements without having to access the full detailed screen (and then click back to return to the original view).
  3. Additional settings like the ability to define which screen displays on app startup (I prefer the week view), option to change the week’s start day (Saturday, Sunday, or Monday), and the ability to dim past events (so they are less prominent).




  • Timeline slider for instant multi-day calendar viewing adjustments
  • Tap events for a preview, tap again for full detailed page (efficient method)
  • Customizable settings not available with the stock Android calendar

Areas for improvement:

  • Widget for homescreen calendar viewing
  • Slider aesthetics could be improved
  • Let users define any day as the start of the week (not just Sat, Sun, or Mon)

Conclusion: Calendroid Pro Android app is a feature-rich calendar replacement with useful settings not available within the stock Android calendar.

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