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Air Penguin Android Game, Tilt Across Antarctica

Air Penguin Android Game, Tilt Across Antarctica

The Air Penguin Android game challenges you to “jump, fly, and dodge” your way through Antarctica just by tilting your Android device.

  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Size: 15.01MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free

Air Penguin takes you on a journey across the frigid South Pole with the mission of saving his family before it’s too late and all of the ice caps have melted away.

Story mode features over 125 individual levels where its your goal to bounce from one ice cap to the next, until you reach the final flag. Along the way, you’ll want to collect as many of the five gold fishes as possible, since they both increase your score and serve as a type of in-game currency. Levels quickly become more challenging as supporting ice caps begin to shrink in size and some become too thin and too cracked to jump on. Likewise, if you jump on an ice cap too many times it will shatter, plunging you straight into the icy water. Also impeding your path are menacing sharks looking for a tasty morsel and swift swordfish trying to spear you out of the air.

Unlike similar Android games which depend on the phone’s accelerometer (tilt sensor) for controls, this game defines the default, baseline position as a 45-degree angle (common viewing angle) instead of 90-degrees (parallel with the ground). This small change means you can play in more natural, comfortable positions (like sitting back in a chair) rather than awkwardly hovering over your phone. As a general tip, I found using both hands to control the amount of tilt gave me the most success, especially when moving left-right with precision.

The Air Penguin Android game also leverages in-app payments in their Store where you can purchase varying amounts of gold fish currency as well as unlock additional characters like a disgruntled polar bear or a scuba-donning penguin.




  • 125 unique levels across 5 worlds
  • Tilt-based controls with a neutral, ergonomic tilt angle of 45-degrees
  • Cute, cartoon-like graphics are both attractive and smooth
  • Numerous power-ups and items to help you succeed

Areas for improvement:

  • Shadows might help to visualize where you will land

Conclusion: Air Penguin is a seemingly simple, tilt-based Android game which is incredibly hard to put down once you’re on an ice cap jumping rampage.

[AppBrain Link]

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