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SoberApp Tracks Drinks, Your Blood Alcohol Content

SoberApp Tracks Drinks, Your Blood Alcohol Content

The SoberApp Android app tracks the type, number, and time of your drinks so you can estimate your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) and whether or not you should drive.

  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Size: 7.86MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Price: Free

SoberApp is equipped with an extensive database of over 3,100 different drinks from beers to wines to hard alcohol. To begin, you’ll have to enter your gender and your weight for the app’s basic BAC calculations. Next, click the “Add Drink” button to search and select your drink of choice. If your drink has a barcode, use the Barcode Scanner app to instantly add your beverage. Then choose the drink’s size and enter the time you started sipping/shotgunning it. There’s even the option to share what you’re drinking via Facebook (and ask for a ride if you need it). Long press the drink on the main menu to edit it, delete it, or duplicate it. And since we are creatures of habit, any drink you’ve had in the past will automatically be kept at the top of the search list for easy access later.

To calculate your estimated BAC click the “Can I Drive?” button. If you haven’t had enough just yet, click the “Find Pub” button to search nearby bars within a certain distance. If you’ve had one too many, use the “Find Taxi” button to lookup taxi companies that work in the area so you can safely (and legally) make your way home.

After using this app a few times, check out Menu > Statistics to view things like total drinks consumed, favorite drinks, and alcohol content of your average drink.

This app supports both U.S. and metric units. The app also will detect your location automatically to determine the local laws in your country and for the pub and taxi finder features. If you’d rather the app use a fixed location, specify this in the settings.

Disclaimer: This app is for entertainment and basic informational use only. The actual alcohol level in your blood is dependent on a variety of factors in addition to your gender and weight. The suggested activity is a recommendation for an average person only. Always designate a sober driver or use a taxi/public transportation.




  • Blood Alcohol Content calculation estimates
  • Pub and taxi finder features
  • Statistics menu displays your drinking habits
  • Active developer encourages drink addition requests, feedback

Ares for improvement:

  • Double-check drink count Statistics calculation. Adding 1 drink counted all drinks again?
  • Add metric units alongside U.S. lbs for initial weight setting

Conclusion: SoberApp is an easy way to monitor the number of drinks you’ve had and estimate your BAC, all to increase safety and awareness when you’re out for a good time.

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  1. there are metric units in the setting page, we will add it to the start page as well.

    • Hey Ben, yea I saw that but only after entering my gender and weight in pounds to get into the app itself. Just might help users who are only familiar with metric units. :)

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