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SimplySign by Vignature Android App, Advanced Document Signatures

SimplySign by Vignature Android App, Advanced Document Signatures

The SimplySign by Vignature Android app is an incredibly quick, easy, and secure way to officially sign documents without the need for a printer, scanner, or fax.

  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 547KB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Business
  • Price: Free

SimplySign by Vignature gives you the power to sign PDF documents on the go, leveraging the legality and recognition of electronic processes (like mouse clicks) as official signatures. This Android app takes it one step further by combining your electronic signature (typed name and metadata) with a picture. The app lets you use either your standard camera or front-facing camera (FFC) if your Android device has one. On a side note, Vignature also features a functional website that can be used with your computer and a webcam as well.

To start, this app requires that you setup an account with Vignature (name, email, password) which you’ll need to login to the Android app. An account expedites the document signing process and allows you to request document signatures from other people using the online website. Also, the email you provide is also where your signed documents will be sent.

To sign a document, open it from within the Vignature app by tapping Menu > Open File and then tap on the location in the document where you want the signature and picture to appear. Once you’ve tapped the location, the camera viewer will automatically open and will prompt you to take a picture of yourself. Note: this app uses face recognition algorithms to ensure that pictures are of the best quality. After you click the “Finished” button, Vignature will email you the signed document so you can then send it to the appropriate recipient(s).



  • Electronically sign documents with your name and real-time picture
  • Signature is legally recognized and includes a timestamp and reference number
  • No printer, scanner, or fax needed
  • Web-based solution also available

Areas for improvement:

  • Enhance speed of document uploads and browsing
  • Picture should auto-rotate upright (or give user this option)

Conclusion: The most efficient and convenient method for digitally signing documents on-the-go with the added advantage of having a picture and reference number adjacent to your “John Hancock”.

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