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Manilla Android App, Securely Manage Accounts & Pay Bills

Manilla Android App, Securely Manage Accounts & Pay Bills

The Manilla Android app is a service for securely aggregating and managing various accounts and ensuring bills are paid on-time, all from one place.

  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 1.29MB (no apps2SD)
  • Category: Finance
  • Price: Free

To begin, Manilla requires that you create an account with some basic information (name, email, password, and security questions). Make sure you remember your security questions as you may have to answer them when logging in from a new device/computer. Next, you’ll need to “link” your accounts by signing into them with the original usernames/passwords you setup for them. There are currently over 1,200 account types to choose from within the app, with more being added all the time. Example service providers I’ve setup include American Express, Fidelity, PayPal, Comcast, DirecTV, PG&E, and State Farm.

The Manilla Android app offers a number of time-saving and stress-reducing features. One of the most useful functionalities is the automatic reminders that are sent for bills so that you can manage and prioritize payments to guarantee you never owe another late fee (and keep your credit score as high as possible). Each account screen contains detailed information like your minimum payment due, payment due date, and current balance. You can even view actual bills as long as you have a PDF viewer app installed, like Adobe Reader.

To quell fears you may have about Manilla, the app has been built with bank-level security and is monitored 24/7 to ensure account integrity and protection. Manilla’s Privacy Policy is linked here for reference.




  • Link and manage credit card, service provider, etc. accounts at once
  • Avoid late fees with automatic reminders for all accounts
  • View .pdf versions of your bills and statements
  • Access Manilla account online in addition to the Android app

Areas for improvement:

  • Ability to manage device notifications for account/bill reminders

Conclusion: The Manilla Android app lets you manage your bills, statements, and balances instantly online, with all information organized in one secure place.

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