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GEICO BroStache Android App: Smartphone, Dumb Things

GEICO BroStache Android App: Smartphone, Dumb Things

If you haven’t seen the new GEICO commercial, it asks the question “do people use smartphones to do dumb things?” Watch the embedded YouTube video below. Now when Friday rolls around you can bust out your Android phone to celebrate the end of the week just like the enthusiastic guys in the commercial.

1.  GEICO BroStache

Choose from a variety of ‘staches and then hold your phone up to your mouth and begin talking. The microphone automatically detects audio input and will move the mouth accordingly. The “Yeah Dawg” image and sound can also be found by tapping around the top right of the app’s start page (before you get to the ‘staches).


2.  Yeah Dawg!

When the time is right, tap the screen for a perfectly rehearsed “Yeah Dawg!” The app’s Android Market description states that the YeahDawg Yeah Dog has “a PhD in both Yeah and Dawg” so you’ll never be disappointed. Yes, really, that’s all this app does.


3.  Champagne

Unwrap the foil, shake the bottle, and pop the cork like you just won the World Series! Unfortunately, this isn’t the exact app that was featured in the GEICO commercial but is the closest thing available on Android. Enjoy some bubbly!


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