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Elixir 2 Android App, Complete System Information

Elixir 2 Android App, Complete System Information

The Elixir 2 Android app is a “system information application with highly configurable widgets.”

  • Version: 2.0.1
  • Size: 2.49MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free

Elixir 2 displays comprehensive device details about your Android device including items like the battery, internal/external storage, cpu, telephony, WiFi, bluetooth, location, display, environment variables, and java system properties, among others. Also included in the “Information” titled section is software details like Android version, SDK version, bootloader, OS kernel and ROM, etc.

The “Applications” section displays the app version and size of the data cache for each installed app, along with a button for moving it to the external SD card. Plus, tapping on the app brings up options to view more information, launch the app, follow Android Market link, or uninstall it.

The “Running” section displays all running applications, their cpu usage %, ongoing processes/services. The “Sensors” section lets you test the responsiveness of each installed sensor, e.g. accelerometer, light sensor, magnetic field sensor, microphone, orientation sensor, and proximity sensor.

Probably the best feature of this app is its widget creator. The homescreen widget offers 20 different sizes (1×1 to 5×2) and can be filled with settings toggles, device status updates (e.g. battery current, battery temp, cpu %), etc. Don’t forget to adjust the background color and transparency to best match your current homescreen theme. For even more widget power and flexibility, download the Elixir 2 – Widgets add-on app.




  • Complete Android device details
  • Powerful widget creator with extensive customizations
  • Intuitive homescreen with easy access sections
  • Free add-on apps increase features and functionality

Areas for improvement:

  • Applications section hangs (loading…) when compiling all app data at once, may be best to load in batches as needed

Conclusion: An all-in-one device details app that provides insight into the hardware, software, and performance of your Android device.

[AppBrain Link]

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