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Dragon Fly! Android Game, Launch Across the Realms

Dragon Fly! Android Game, Launch Across the Realms

Your mission in the Dragon Fly! Android Game is to launch your dragon pup across the realms in his first adventure, all while trying to outpace the mama dragon.

  • Version: 1.8
  • Size: 3.24MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free

Direct your dragon pup with super simple one-touch controls. Press and hold anywhere on the screen to force your dragon pup downwards to gain momentum on the downslopes. Then, let go when you’re at the lowest point to use the hill like a ramp to get airborne. Since the dragon pup is too young to fly, this is the only way to explore the unknown realms ahead. Hint: when you’re just getting started, stay focused on the timing of the one-touch control as it takes a fair amount of practice to fine-tune.

Level up your dragon pup (and increase your head-start from mama dragon) by completing quest goals, for example, “leave Realm 2 in Fire mode” and “Get to Realm 4 without collecting a speed vial.” Once you’ve played for awhile, see how you compare to other Android players globally, in your country, city, or even postal code.

This Android game’s 2D physics engine provides super smooth gameplay (which is a necessity for perfect timing) and up to 60 frames per second (fps). Plus, the curvacious landscapes you soar over are re-generated new everyday so the challenge is unfamiliar, no matter how many times you’ve played Dragon, Fly!


  • One-touch control is easy to learn, hard to master
  • Up to 60 fps, smooth graphics scrolling and rendering
  • Realm landscapes overhauled every day
  • Global and local leaderboards

Areas for improvement:

  • Additional quest goals and levels!

Conclusion: Don’t be fooled by the one-touch controls, this Android game requires expert timing, dexterity, and strategy to successfully launch your dragon pup across the rolling hills of each realm.

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