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TED Air Android App, “Ideas Worth Spreading”

TED Air Android App, “Ideas Worth Spreading”

The TED Air Android app lets you watch and listen to a multitude of TED talks on some of the most important topics in today’s world.

  • Version: 0.9.539 beta
  • Size: 300KB
  • Category: Multimedia
  • Price: Free

If you aren’t familiar with TED, it stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. It has been held since 1984 with the motto “Ideas Worth Spreading.” Just a few of the famous speakers who have given talks include Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Bill Gates.

The TED Air Android app currently has 971 unique talks, all watchable from your Android device. To begin, check out the list of talks organized by the month/year they were added. Note: the list coincides exactly with what you’d find if browsing their podcast on iTunes.

The interface of this app simplifies the process of finding videos that interest you. For example, the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen has a Tags list with which you can find talks on specific topics, e.g. biotech, psychology, or robotics. The Themes category provides another way in which you might find interesting content. Groups of talks have been assembled by their underlining themes, e.g. evolution’s genius, how we learn, and presentation innovation. You can even view talks by searching through the list of speakers, although only a handful of individuals have spoken more than once. Lastly, if you know exactly what you’re looking for, use the powerful search box which will update the list of results in real-time as you type in your search word or phrase.

A couple of great features of this app are its support for over 80+ languages and its option to display subtitles (closed captioning). Plus, you can even adjust the font size to accommodate your needs. All in all, these features clearly demonstrate and support TED’s drive for greater accessibility to valuable information around the world.

Lastly, there is the option to download videos directly to your Android device. Now you can utilize your WiFi connection at home to build your TED library and enjoy uninterrupted playback when you don’t have an internet connection or don’t want to stream the relatively large files. As an aside, it would be extremely useful to have a “batch download” or even a “download all” option to accelerate the process of collecting offline content to watch later.



  • 900+ unique TED talks
  • Find speeches by topic, theme, or speaker
  • Download talks for offline viewing
  • 80+ languages, text subtitles, other accessibility options

Areas for improvement:

  • Add option for “batch download” of multiple talks all at once for offline viewing

Conclusion: The Ted Air Android app makes watching TED talks easier than ever with its beautiful interface, advanced search capabilities, support for various languages, and offline viewing functionality.

[AppBrain Link]

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