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Sporcle Android Game, Test Your Trivia Knowledge

Sporcle Android Game, Test Your Trivia Knowledge

The Sporcle Android game tests your quick-thinking abilities across a wide range of categories, from entertainment and sports to history and literature.

  • Version: 1.1.2
  • Size: 3.39MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: $1.99

Sporcle automatically downloads the latest quizzes each and every day, created by the brains behind This Android game is the perfect companion for conditioning your brain to dominate the next Quiz Night at your local pub. A short list of featured categories: entertainment, geography, history, literature, movies, music, religion, science, sports, and television.

Each game page displays the quiz’s details including your results and best score, user ratings and comments, and the option to start a new game. Depending on the particular game, you’ll be given a specific time limit to provide as many correct answers as possible. Make sure to pay attention to the green bar at the top of the page displaying your time remaining (it will turn red (and your phone will vibrate) when you have only 30 seconds remaining). As you type answers, you’ll notice that they will auto-complete if you’re close enough to the intended answer. Tip: make use of your Android device’s built-in dictionary to enter words as fast as possible.

When time runs out, the remaining blanks will automatically be filled in with the correct answers. So even though you’re likely just killing time with this Android game, you might actually learn something new! Once you’ve been playing for awhile, check out the Activity page (accessible from the Menu button) to see a list of your past games and the scores you achieved.

One potentially frustrating caveat to text-based answering is that you’re bound to run into instances where certain words aren’t recognized as correct or even questions that actually have multiple correct answers, and yet the game will only accept a certain one. Luckily, in most cases quizzes have been designed to avoid these issues (however I did notice it in the Christmas Song quiz, where “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” had to be hyphenated, grr!). Also, this Android game is only really playable in portrait mode, since you need the vertical screen real-estate to see both the question/blank you are filling in and your keyboard simultaneously. An obvious follow-up conclusion is that this game would be best played on an Android tablet.

For diehard Sporcle trivia buffs, creating an account lets you easily view and manage your game history and best scores. It also enables you to post comments, rate quizzes, and even create and share your own games.

Note: Depending on your mobile connection, give Sporcle some time to download its content when you initially install it. The game may seem to lag in its menus during this time.




  • Broad trivia categories, hundreds of individual games to build and test your knowledge
  • Text-based input forces you to actively generate answers
  • Automatically checks for new or updated games
  • Support for those who already have (or create) a Sporcle account

Areas for improvement:

  • Continue to update quizzes to avoid odd words or multiple answer possibilities
  • Potential fixes or a warning for the slow app speed during initial game downloads

Conclusion: A unique, fill-in-the-blank type Android game that requires you to think quickly and type in as many answers as possible before time runs out. All with the added bonus that you might actually learn something new!

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