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PubMed Mobile Android App, Scientific Article Search

PubMed Mobile Android App, Scientific Article Search

The PubMed Mobile Android app provides quick search access to over 19 million published journal articles.

  • Version: 1.6.3
  • Size: 174KB
  • Category: Education
  • Price: Free ($2.99 full version)

PubMed Mobile is an extremely useful app for university students, industry researchers, and medical professionals around the world. With access to the PubMed database of over 19 million citations from biomedical and life science journals, the latest discoveries are now at your fingertips while on the go.

The app provides a relatively “bare-bones” interface with search functionality being its main focus. The app’s main screen lets you search specific terms or phrases with additional options including author’s name, journal title, or article title. You can further narrow down your search to papers focused on either humans or other animal species, as well as male/female specific studies.

The search results page displays the first 10 articles and will auto-update when you reach the bottom of the page. Results include the paper’s title, authors, journal, pages, and publication date. Next, the article page displays the article’s abstract and other supplemental details. If you’ve found something you’d like to return to later, use the “save article” or “email article” options found after pressing the menu button. For direct access to the article, click the “PubMed Page” button which will open your Android browser. From here forward, you’ll need the proper username/password or other credentials (like a University license) to access the full materials.





  • Efficient method for finding pertinent scientific articles
  • Minimalistic interface and functionality dedicated to search
  • View article abstracts and save or email for later reference
  • Links to full articles

Areas for improvement:

  • Option to search specifically for review-type articles
  • Ability to set up notifications for when a paper is published that meets your specific search criteria

Conclusion: The PubMed Mobile Android app provides an effective mobile solution for discovering scientific journal articles. An essential resource for those in academia, industry, and/or the medical field.

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