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Google Music Beta Invite Giveaway [Complete]

Google Music Beta Invite Giveaway [Complete]

Following in the footsteps of one of our favorite Android news sites, Androidandme, we have 8 Google Music Beta invites to give out. Check out our previous review of the Google Music Beta Android app if you’re not familiar with what exactly it offers (synopsis: cloud-based music library linked to your gmail account, capacity: 20,000 songs). As many of you probably experienced with Google+, you’ll know that Google loves to slowly open limited spots to their beta services, culminating in a torturous wait for must of us.

To claim one of the limited invitations, leave a comment below with your gmail adress in the email field. Don’t worry, your email won’t be published for all to see or used for purposes other than sending you the official invite. The first 8 to comment will receive an invite!


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  1. Yes, please! :)

  2. Probably too late but i send it anyway

  3. I would really love this.

  4. invite me too please. :)

  5. Yes please :-)

  6. Would like too give it a try.thanks for all your posts.

  7. I’d love an invite, thanks for making this site.

  8. Did I make it??