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App Locker II: Fake Crash, Protect Your Android Apps

App Locker II: Fake Crash, Protect Your Android Apps

App Locker II: Fake Crash is an Android app designed to protect your private applications with a fake force close popup notification.

  • Version: 2.6.3
  • Size: 135KB
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: Free (full version $2.49)

If you’re worried about other people accessing the information contained within certain Android apps, App Locker II: Fake Crash is the perfect protection. This app doesn’t use passwords or any other obvious methods for locking apps, however it protects in a very unassuming way.

The way it works is actually quite simple. When someone selects one of your protected apps, a convincing yet fake force close popup message will appear. Anyone with or without an Android device will know that this error message means the app has run into trouble and will not open (or will close itself). Snoopy people will be effectively turned away, even if they repeatedly try to open the app.

Since you obviously still want access to these protected apps, there are various modes for bypassing the fake force close notification, e.g. double-tapping the dialog message or rotating your phone screen-up-down-up. Set the mode you prefer in the settings.

To decide which apps are protected, open the App Locker II app and select them individually from the list (the app will show up as AL II in your app drawer to be a little less apparent to other people). For additional security, you can also choose to password protect App Locker II itself.

Note: full version removes the limit of 3 protected apps and ads.



  • Protect private apps with a fake app crash notification
  • Ideal for messaging, picture, and related personal apps
  • Bypass force close screen with various methods
  • Password protect the app itself

Areas for improvement:

  • Ability to completely hide protected apps in the app drawer

Conclusion: A useful tool designed to protect your privacy by keeping unwanted people from accessing Android apps that may contain personal information, pictures, etc.

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