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Top Android App: Bluetooth File Transfer

Top Android App: Bluetooth File Transfer

Bluetooth File Transfer is an Android app that enables you to browse, explore, manage, and share files with any Bluetooth-ready device.

  • Version: 4.60
  • Size: 1.79MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Communication
  • Price: Free

To use this app you must ensure that 1) Bluetooth is enabled on your Android device and 2) the other device is Bluetooth-ready with the proper settings enabled. Upon opening the app, you can browse your device’s entire SD card, folder by folder. Or if you know what you’re looking for, hit Menu > Find Files to search for something specific. Help narrow down the results by specifying the file type e.g. .jpg, .png, or .mp3. Additional filters include size and date range restrictions.

Next, tap the Bluetooth tab and select the device you’d like to transfer files with. You will likely be prompted to accept permissions to pair the two devices together. If you’re having trouble connecting to a device like your laptop, make sure that 1) the device’s Bluetooth is enabled, 2) the device is discoverable and 3) browsing and accepting files is turned on. Also, once you’re connected, files that are available for browsing on the other device will be accessible here.

To send files from your Android device to the Bluetooth paired device, choose all of the files and then select Menu > More > Send via Bluetooth. Depending on the receiving device’s settings, you may be prompted to accept each file.

In general, the Bluetooth File Transfer app is extremely powerful (but may require some adjustments to the settings). If you’re around a WiFi connection and only need to transfer files from your computer to your Android device, the Awesome Drop Android app is another great solution (note: can’t transfer files from your Android device to your computer).




  • Transfer files quickly over your Bluetooth connection
  • Widget to control Bluetooth, FTP (file transfer), and OPP (object push from another device)
  • Extensive settings allow flexibility for most situations (default settings are sufficient for most users)

Areas for improvement:

  • Interface enhancements would make browsing files and using the app even better

Conclusion: A fast, efficient Android app for transferring files both to and from your Android device to any other Bluetooth enabled gadget.

[AppBrain Link]

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