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SuperNinjaSkydivingPlusZombies, Ultimate Slasher Ninja Android Game

SuperNinjaSkydivingPlusZombies, Ultimate Slasher Ninja Android Game

With a title like SuperNinjaSkydivingPlusZombies, there’s no way this slasher ninja Android game can disappoint (and it doesn’t)!

  • Version: 1.00
  • Size: 2.30MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: $0.99

The instructions are simple and go something like this: you are a skydiving ninja on a mission to slice pesky zombies without getting swarmed. Collect power-ups and pickup bread (don’t slice it!) along the way to maximize your score. Reach the parachute and glide to safety.

Tap the screen as you fall to create waypoints (designated by shining ninja stars) along the path of greatest zombie destruction. Helpful tip: I had the most success using controls set to Instant (in the settings), so the ninja responds immediately to your latest tap.

Now remember that since you are falling, moving upwards is not possible. Therefore, you’ll have to get creative in your “falling style” to maximize your zombie killing power. And of course another way to ensure a successful ninja mission is by finding power-ups to increase speed, damage, health, etc.

Depending on the power of your Android device, you’ll want to adjust the visual settings which include options for resolution, gore level, background detail, and anti-aliasing. This level of customization (to your phone’s hardware) was incredible foresight by the developer, and practically guarantees an enjoyable gaming experience regardless of your Android device’s processor speed, RAM, etc. So if you happen to experience lag when 50+ zombies overtake your screen, consider toning down the graphics settings.

Note: This Android game requires that you are running Android 2.2+ and have Adobe Air installed.



  • 40+ levels which increase substantially in difficulty as you go
  • Sliding scale of graphics acceleration to fit your Android device’s power
  • Slice, dice, and obliterate zombies and other baddies
  • Unique name, unique game!

Areas for improvement:

  • Add a timer which influences the final score to prevent stalling to regenerate health

Conclusion: SuperNinjaSkydivingPlusZombies lives up to its ridiculously creative name by providing gameplay that is just as crazy. Slash zombies, pickup bread, and bring honor to your sensei!

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