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Top Android Game: ShakyTower

Top Android Game: ShakyTower

ShakyTower is a challenging physics-based Android game requiring skillful block stacking and other strange maneuvers.

  • Version: 1.14
  • Size: 6.55MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free

The goal of this Android game is to meet the objective described for each specific level. To start, tap the screen to insert a new block. Once the block is added, you no longer have direct control over it, but can influence it with gravity by tilting  your Android device from left to right. For maximum stability and responsiveness, hold your device parallel to the ground. Pay attention to the two different classifications of blocks described by the developer as Not-Yet-In-Tower (NYIT) and Already-In-Tower (AIT). Focus on the AIT blocks, which are a brighter green color, because they are the ones counted for height, activating checkpoints, and collecting bonuses.

This top Android game offers two modes; adventure and quick game. Adventure mode features different worlds e.g. Forest, Desert, and Underwater, which each contain multiple levels with various challenges (and must be unlocked as you progress). The complexity and uniqueness in each level’s design and objective is the biggest reason why this Android game is so much fun.

If you happen to get stuck on a level or want extra bonuses, check out the shop where you can spend the coins and stars you’ve earned to purchase helpful items.


  • Wide variety of level types which keeps it challenging
  • Powerful, elegant physics-based gameplay
  • Sophisticated performance tracking: high scores, completion times, etc.
  • OpenFeint integration

Areas for improvement:

  • Ability to calibrate or adjust the tilt motion sensitivity
  • Expand view or prevent anchor block from leaving screen

Conclusion: This Android game is guaranteed to frustrate, challenge, and entertain you through all 100+ levels.

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