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Top Android App: Wave Launcher

Wave Launcher is a gesture-enabled quick-launcher for your essential Android apps.

  • Version: 1.2.2
  • Size: 1.28MB (no apps2SD)
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: $0.99

Wave Launcher lets you access your own configurable action-bar from any screen on your Android device. The action-bar can be filled with any of your currently installed apps, quick shortcuts (e.g. Gmail label, web bookmark), or a link to your entire app drawer.

First, open the app and edit your wave by adding the items you use most or want instant access to at all times. In my case, I chose to include the Gmail, Messaging, Web browser, Barcode Scanner, and WordPress apps to my wave. Next, choose the Calibrate option to choose where you’d like the gesture-enabling region to be located (bottom, left or right-side) on the screen. You can also edit the size of the gesture area to avoid unintentional app activations.

To use Wave Launcher, press the gesture-enabling region you previously setup until you feel a slight vibration. Then, slide your finger towards the middle of the screen until your wave appears. Next, slide your finger left/right to launch the specific app or shortcut. If you accidentally open the wave, just drag your finger back to the gesture area to close it.

There is an extensive, useful list of application settings you should configure to your needs. For example, to avoid issues with your virtual keyboard while in landscape mode, choose to disable Wave Launcher at that time. The wave colors, animation, number of apps, and more are also completely customizable.


  • Instantly switch to the apps/shortcuts of your choice
  • Save time, clicks, and navigating multiple screens to find what you need
  • Complete list of customizations to fit your needs

Areas for improvement:

  • Improve responsiveness/performance of the wave

Conclusion: Wave Launcher accelerates the action of switching to your favorite apps and shortcuts from any screen.

[AppBrain Link]

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