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Square Android App, Accept Credit Cards Anywhere

Square Android App, Accept Credit Cards Anywhere

The Square Android app is ideal for anyone who would like to accept credit card payments on the go.

  • Version: 2.0.2
  • Size: 2.79MB (no apps2SD)
  • Category: Finance
  • Price: Free

If you’re wondering how it works, Square provides you with a pocket-sized credit card reader that plugs into your Android device’s audio jack. It works as a point-of-sale solution which replaces the normal credit card terminal you see being used in most retail locations. The Square service meets all industry standards for security, which means both you and your customers are protected.

When you receive the card reader in the mail and begin accepting payments, the app will automatically track each transaction, tax, tips, and payment location. The recorded transaction details provide extremely valuable insight into your sales. For example, you can quickly discover what items are most popular at what time or day of the week which in turn enables you to better serve your customers and build a better business, all with just a little upfront work.

The Square Android app accepts all major credit cards (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover). Pricing has been simplified to a single flat rate of 2.75% for all accepted payments, so there are no hidden fees, monthly payments, or other costs.

The Android app itself takes on an extremely minimalist design and is focused entirely on payment/transaction efficiency. The Square app proves that there is elegance in simplicity.


  • Accept credit card payments anywhere
  • Free card reader plugs into audio jack
  • Flat 2.75% fee per transaction
  • Simple setup and elegant app design

Areas for improvement:

  • Ability to upload product database ahead of time, even from Square website

Conclusion: The perfect solution for small business owners who need a better way to accept credit card payments, all on the go from an Android app.

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  1. Hello,
    this is very good! Do you know other similar applications?

  2. Another option:

    Accept Credit Cards 1.0

    Free version is here:

    Paid version is here:

  3. Very good article, after using Square and a few other apps out there I finally found GlobalPay. They actually have a customer service line… I recommend for others to try.

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