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Plendi Expense Tracking, Record Receipts w/ a Photo

Plendi Expense Tracking, Record Receipts w/ a Photo

Plendi Expense Tracking is an Android app which makes recording and saving receipts as easy as taking a photo.

  • Version: 2.0
  • Size: 3.92MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Finance
  • Price: Free

There are countless benefits to keeping track of your expenses, even down to what may seem like infinitesimal amounts. For example, keeping receipts for medical expenses can ensure that you are fully reimbursed by your insurance, or having a proof of purchase can help you return an item or claim a warranty.

Plendi Expense Tracking is an Android app that supports the Plendi service. The app comes with a free trial of 15 receipt transcriptions. Yes you read that right, real people actually key in the date, vendor, currency, and total for the receipts you submit. This allows for a level of accuracy much greater than that offered by computer-based scanning software.

The app itself is extremely easy to use with only three main functions. 1) Take a picture of a new receipt 2) Check status and total value of scanned receipts 3) Settings, which include an FAQ and feedback form. All of the actual financials must be done on the Plendi website.

When your free trial is up, if you choose to continue to enjoy the benefits of Plendi, there are three tiered monthly plans available. 15 receipts for €4.95, 30 receipts for €8.95, and 100 receipts for €14.95.


  • Effortless expense tracking as easy as taking a picture
  • No manual data entry, lost receipts, or misplaced warranty details
  • Receipts are keyed by real people (not computers) to ensure accuracy
  • Plendi website lets you export records to excel and receipt images as .pdfs

Areas for improvement:

  • Pricing plans leave something to be desired. Would like to see pay per receipt and unlimited* options
  • Ability to organize, categorize, and manage receipt entries from within the Android app

Conclusion: Plendi Expense Tracking offers an extremely efficient service ideal for small business or personal use, where data entry means just snapping a photo of a receipt.

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