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PhoneLocator Pro: Android Device Protection

PhoneLocator Pro: Android Device Protection

PhoneLocator Pro helps protect your Android device by enabling utilities that help find, lock, or wipe it if it’s been lost or stolen.

  • Version: 3.01
  • Size: 1.43MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Tools
  • Price: $2.82

PhoneLocator Pro is focused on securing your Android device so that in the event it’s lost or stolen, you will have the necessary tools to handle the situation.

Full setup steps and supporting descriptions:

1. Activate administrator option to give the app the proper permissions. Then, set up your administrator pattern, pin, or password which will be required to unlock your phone AND open the PhoneLocator Pro app itself (to prevent unauthorized access/uninstalling).

2. Enter the email address and phone number that PhoneLocator Pro will send notifications to.

3. (Optional) Enter your Gmail username and password to enable sending email notifications from that account. You can create a new Gmail account for this purpose if you’d like, although this entire step seems like a cumbersome solution.

4. Setup the Locator Keyword. When you send this keyword to your Android phone in a text message, your phone will send back its position.

5. Setup the Ring Nearby Keyword. This keyword will activate your Android phone’s maximum ringer volume even if it’s been set to vibrate or silent.

6. Setup the Lock Keyword. Automatically locks your Android phone and can then only be unlocked with the admin password from step 1.

7. Setup the Wipe Keyword. Useful if you want to remotely wipe your Android phone’s data.

Make sure that the keywords you choose are very unique and are unlikely to be used in normal, daily text message conversation. It’s recommended that you make them sophisticated like important passwords. Also, don’t leave these values set to their default, otherwise you’re vulnerable to anyone that know’s your phone number. When you’ve completed the setup, make sure to use the button to email yourself the list of keywords for safe keeping.

Another huge benefit of this app over many others like it is that no data connection is required to use all of its features. So even if the phone has had its mobile connections disabled, you will still be able to find it.

Pros/Features List:

  • No data connection required for full functionality
  • Unregistered SIM card detection and info collection
  • Auto-enable GPS (rooted devices only)
  • Hide PhoneLocator in app drawer, stealth mode hides SMS control messages
  • Remote installation via Android Market online

Areas for improvement:

  • Improve clarity/descriptions of setup steps within the app

Conclusion: A powerful app that provides an extensive list of utilities to protect and/or recover your Android device. This app offers a small price to pay for complete phone protection.

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  1. Also a very reliable android spy app for $2.05, lifetime license :)). Go figure!

  2. A friend of mine lost his phone today. So I bought this one immediately :)

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