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Kid Mode Android App: Play & Learn

Kid Mode Android App: Play & Learn

Put your Android device into Kid Mode and relax while your kids explore educational games, videos, and more.

  • Version: 3.1.1
  • Size: 5.60MB (Apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Education
  • Price: Free

Before using the educational Kid Mode Android app, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of Adobe Flash Player in order to have access to all of the game content. Also, enable the Home Lock feature in the settings if you’d like to prevent your child from accidentally exiting the app. Lastly, you will have to create a free Parent account where you can create quick profiles for each of your kids. You can even add a photo for each of your kids so that they can identify themselves and “login” to their age-specific, saved content.

The amount of content included in this app is absolutely astounding. Based on your kid’s age, they will have access to personalized educational activities. For example, a 2 year old can learn their ABCs, numbers, and shapes with games, songs, and shows that will capture their attention. Or, a 5 year old can play kindergarten level math and reading games or enjoy on-screen drawing/painting.

Now on a side note, you should make sure your Android device has a pretty solid case protecting it! Do they make slobber-proof cases for the 1 and 2 year old next generation of Android smartphone power users?!

The real beauty in this app for many parents will be the power to entertain their kids before they start exclaiming, “I’m bored!”


  • Entertain your young kids with your Android device
  • Age-specific educational games, books, and other activities
  • Supports separate profiles for multiple children
  • Home Lock keeps your child from exiting the app inadvertently

Areas for improvement:

  • Adobe Flash required for much of the content, may cause issues for some users

Conclusion: A perfect Android app to entertain, educate, and keep your kids quiet!

[AppBrain Link]

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