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Top Android Game: Airport Mania

Top Android Game: Airport Mania

Airport Mania challenges you to be the best air traffic controller around.

  • Version: 1.1.9
  • Size: 2.10MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: $0.99 (free version available)

Airport Mania is all about time management, organization, and efficiency. There are eight distinct airports which require your air traffic controlling skills to ensure that all flights stay on-time, and all passengers are happy (we all hate delays)! It’s your job to make sure each plane lands, makes it to the gate, and takes off as scheduled. You also have to send planes for refueling and maintenance as needed. It all sounds easy until you have five planes buzzing around the screen all at once.

The gameplay is fast and often hectic, but it’s extremely intuitive. Tap a circling plane to select it, then tap a runway to instruct it to land. Next, tap a gate to send the plane to unload/load passengers. Once complete, tap the runway again to send the plane back to the skies. Expert tip: tap through a sequence of events (e.g. plane > runway > gate) to speed up the process.

Improve your score by earning various combos. For example, match the plane and gate colors or land/takeoff multiple planes in a row on the same runway to earn score multipliers. Also, make sure that your planes stay “happy” by parking them in layover spots if all the gates are currently occupied. Nothing is worse than sitting on a plane stuck out in the tarmac!

As you successfully complete each level, you will earn money which can be used to purchase airport improvements like additional gates, runways, layover spots, etc. Purchase these items wisely as they are critical to achieving the highest scores.


  • Fast paced Android game requiring speed and efficiency
  • 8 unique airports and 48 different levels
  • Entertaining graphics with humanized airplanes
  • Progress is automatically saved as you play (multiple player profiles available too)

Areas for improvement:

  • An expansion pack with additional airports/levels!

Conclusion: Quick thinking and fast fingers are essential for success in this Android game. It’s all the fun of being an air traffic controller without the stress!

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