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Do You Have “The World’s Ultimate Brain?”

The World’s Ultimate Brain is a challenging Android game that will measure your smarts in four categories: calculation, memory, logic, and visual.

  • Version: 1.0.2
  • Size: 3.56MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free

Scores from each of the four sections (calculation, memory, logic, and visual) are summed together for a total score which represents the “power of your brain.” The calculation round presents you with basic math equations like 23-12 and 11×11. The memory round tests your short-term memory skills by asking you to memorize and recall the shapes in the correct order. During the visual round, you’ll need to identify the missing pieces of each puzzle. Multiple options are shown at the button of the screen, and are usually very similar, so you’ll need to pay close attention. Lastly, the logic portion makes you analyze balance scales to determine which item is the heaviest. Each round gives you 60 seconds to answer as many questions as possible. The more you answer correctly (and similarly the fewer you miss) the better your overall score will be.

Once you’ve completed all four rounds, you’ll see a graphical display of each individual category’s score and the summed total. To compare scores with other Android users, click the “submit” button. Additionally, you can choose to share your score instantly via Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter. With the “Scores” button on the app’s homescreen, you can view global, friend, and 24-hour scoreboards to see how you measure up.


  • Clear explanations of each round
  • Interface makes the process of answering questions straightforward
  • Calculations, memory, logic, and visual skills all measured
  • Scoreloop scoreboard integration for global, friends, and recent scores

Areas for improvement:

  • Increase penalization for wrong answers to discourage answer-spamming

Conclusion: An aptitude measuring Android game that is perfect for playing with friends or just killing time.

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  1. I was reading the installer notes for this app, and it requires access to the phone identity and internet. I can understand requiring internet access, if it downloads questions, but why would a quiz app require your handset phone number and IMEI? To send your phone number and SIM card info to telemarketers?

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