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Top Android Game: Guns’N'Glory

Guns’N'Glory is an instant classic created by uniting tower defense gameplay with the wild west.

  • Version: 1.5.4
  • Size: 14.33MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: $1.39 (Free version available)

Like many previous tower defense type games (e.g. Robo Defense), Guns’N'Glory requires planning, strategy, and persistence. The goal is to ambush unassuming settlers, stagecoaches, and the gold train as they move through the canyons. Each ambushed unit will earn you money which can be spent hiring new gun-slinging fighters.

What makes this Android game more exciting and interactive than similar games is the ability to move your units at any time. During some stages you’ll be ambushing multiple canyons at once and must move units around to ensure success. On a similar note, click a settler unit to set it as a preferred target (outlined with a red crosshair) so it will be attacked first. Use this feature to destroy any units that slipped through before they exit the canyon.

You’ll also want to pay attention to which of your units are best equipped to handle certain settler units. For example, the Native American unit (which shoots flaming arrows) is great against the cloth covered wagon but not the metal, gold train.

Lastly, the heads-up-display (HUD) provides all of the relevant information as you play. Quickly check how much money you’ve earned, what wave of settler units you’re on, how many settler escapees you have left, and a miniaturized map view. Plus, the graphics, menus, and sound effects/music all add to the wild west theme of this Android game.


  • Five different states to explore and ambush, each having 10 unique levels
  • Easy, medium, and hard difficulty settings
  • Responsive controls allow accurate unit placements
  • Cartoon-like graphics are quite entertaining

Areas for improvement:

  • Additional levels!

Conclusion: One of the best tower defense type Android games available, made even better with its unique wild west theme!

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