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Top Android Game: Drag Racing

Top Android Game: Drag Racing

Drag Racing is an addictive Android game featuring over 40 different cars and realistic controls.

  • Version: 1.0.10
  • Size: 4.95MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: Free

To start, check out the “Garage” to find, test drive, and purchase the affordable car of your choice. Click “race” to choose an opponent ranging from beginner to boss or even an online opponent. The competition is tough so start off with beginner to give yourself the best chance of winning. You can also decide on the race track length of either 1/4 or 1/2 mile.

To begin the race, tap the highlighted gas pedal to rev your engine as the line-girl waves the starting flag. Carefully watch your RPM and use the “-” and “+” pedals to shift. A blue icon will popup when it’s recommended that you shift, and a green icon will popup at the perfect shifting time right before you redline. When your race finishes, you’ll receive the following stats: time, max speed, 0-60mph & 0-100mph times, race rating, and more).

As you finish each race, you’ll earn money and respect points based on whether or not you won and other accomplishments (e.g. number of perfect shifts, launch bonus, etc.). Both money and respect points act as currency by which you can purchase upgrades to your car. Upgrades include different engines, intake/exhaust, wheels, N2O, and more that will add horsepower and performance to your vehicle. These upgrades will help you gain an advantage over your opponents and increase your chances for victory.

What makes this Android game truly addicting is the fact that the gameplay is not predictable in the least. Each car has different advantages and certain strategies must be discovered and fine-tuned to get the most out of your car. Make sure to check out the official Android Market description for detailed tips and tricks to improve your success.


  • Drag race 40+ cars using realistic shifting controls
  • Upgrades allow car customizations and various racing strategies to be used
  • Sound effects and haptic feedback add to the overall game experience
  • Cumulative stats are recorded automatically
  • Online racing!

Areas for improvement:

  • Add a body shop for custom paint, rims, etc.
  • Red > yellow > green start lights for improved launches

Conclusion: One of the best racing Android games available because of its car/upgrade options, online functionality, and advanced strategy requirements.

[AppBrain Link]


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  1. I currently own the hennessey venom of drag racing, however it’s nearly impossible to win if you don’t have enough respect points to immediately build and tune your car. Also I have yet to win a race when battling other drivers online. I believe there’s a glitch . I am thinking about selling my hennessey to purchase a lower level car so I can build up enough respect points to repurchase the hennessy. Any thoughts, suggestions, or hints will be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Hmm, I was able to race and beat other players in online mode, although I wasn’t to as advanced a stage as you are. Has anyone experienced anything similar to what Chris stated above?

  2. “This item cannot be installed in your device’s country” – why is that?

    thank you

  3. Howdy racers. Yes this game is addictive. So much so that I bought a couple battery chargers for my cel phone so I can have longer battery life when out on the go. The game sure takes alot of juice. I have not raced on line yet. Still trying to build my car. The only part I have a hard time with is earning the respect points. I have plenty of cash and won plenty of races. Many without needing my n20 and many with all perfect shifts. It seems like I am missing something. I have had some respect points before. No more than 6. But they sure seem few and very far between. Any body got any tips? Thanks..EE

  4. this message is just an email address confirmation

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