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Top Android App: WebMD for Android

Top Android App: WebMD for Android

WebMD for Android will help facilitate your health improvement and decision-making efforts while on the go.

  • Version: 1.0
  • Size: 6.56MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Health
  • Price: Free

WebMD for Android opens to a homescreen with five categories you’re likely to recognize from the the WebMD website; Symptom Checker, Conditions, Drugs & Treatment, First Aid Information, and Local Health Listings.

With the Symptom Checker, click on the body part you’re having trouble with (e.g. knee, quadriceps, or abdomen). For smaller body parts like eyes or nose, use pinch-to-zoom for more accurate selections. Or, if it’s easier for you to view/use, select the List tab to view all body parts broken down by region. You can also select multiple symptoms to improve the list of possible conditions.

The Symptoms, Drugs & Treatments, and First Aid Information categories are all similar in that you can browse a complete A-Z list or use a text/speech search to find what you’re looking for. The First Aid Information section is extremely helpful for common medical issues like food poisoning, insect bites, or jellyfish stings. Some of the more serious conditions described in this section aren’t for home remedies but rather to understand how a doctor would treat it. There is also linked information that takes you to the mobile version of WebMD for things like exams/tests and prevention measures, although it would be ideal if this information were accessible from within the app itself.

If you find yourself suffering from any condition and need medical care, the Local Health Listings category features the ability to search for the nearest physician, hospital, or pharmacy based on your current location. Adding review/rating information (i.e. from Yelp or other large repositories) would be extremely useful when choosing where to go.


  • Check symptoms and identify potential conditions on the go
  • Invaluable resource of drug, treatment, and first aid information
  • Locate nearby health facilities including physicians, hospitals, and pharmacies
  • Clean, attractive interface is easy to navigate and simple to use

Areas for improvement:

  • Embed supplemental information within the app instead of linking to the mobile website

Conclusion: Take the medical expertise of WebMD wherever you go with their information-packed, user-friendly Android app.

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