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Top Android Game: Walkabout

Top Android Game: Walkabout

The Walkabout Android game features Queenie, who needs your help collecting the Magic Stars scattered throughout her kingdom.

  • Version: 1.2
  • Size: 5.06MB (apps2SD enabled)
  • Category: Games
  • Price: $1.38 (Free demo version)

The goal of Walkabout is to collect all of the stars without retracing a step. With each move you make, the previous tile will disappear. This requires that you plan your moves from the beginning, otherwise you’ll quickly find yourself stuck. To move Queenie, simply swipe on the screen in the direction you’d like to move.

The full version offers 64 challenging levels to negotiate, spread out across 4 different regions of Queenie’s kingdom. You’ll quickly realize that each successive level gets noticeably harder and introduces new obstacles, like multiple layers or hidden paths. Additionally, there are hidden keys in certain levels that unlock 8 bonus levels.

Overall, you’ll definitely enjoy the attractive, playful graphics which come together seamlessly with the game’s dialogue and storyline.


  • 64 levels that progressively become more difficult
  • A thinkers game that makes you analyze, plan, and execute
  • Helpful hints added as level objectives throughout the game

Areas for improvement:

  • Reduce time between screens, transitions seem slow

Conclusion: A challenging Android game that will make you think before you move.

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  1. Not a bad looking game, stands out from the rest of the typical Android games.
    Think i’ll give this a go.

  2. I love this game :)
    Really great.

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