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Browse, Record, Watch Your Favorite Shows w/ Xfinity TV

Browse, Record, Watch Your Favorite Shows w/ Xfinity TV

Xfinity TV lets you find your favorite shows and movies, control your TV, and schedule DVR recordings.

  • Version:
  • Size: 4.91MB (no apps2SD)
  • Category: Entertainment
  • Price: Free

The Xfinity TV Android app requires that you have 1) a current Comcast ID/password, 2) compatible cable box, for TV and DVR control, and 3) WiFi or 3G connection.

Initial setup is very quick. Login with your Comcast ID/password and the app will automatically detect any eligible DVR devices. At this point, an on-screen message will appear on your TV(s) displaying the name(s) you have assigned. This way you can control multiple DVR cable boxes if necessary.

The app makes it extremely easy to browse TV listings for your specific area, browse and search On Demand listings, and filter content by genre, network, HD, free, etc. You can even change channels or start watching an On Demand movie directly from the app. Because On Demand can be clunky and difficult to navigate, the option to browse from your Android device is rather refreshing.

Unlike the other Xfinity Mobile Android app, Xfinity TV’s interface is much more user-friendly and responsive (less lag and shorter loading times). However, there are some issues that need to be ironed out before this app meets its full potential.


  • Browse TV listings, On Demand offerings, and more from your Android device
  • Schedule DVR recordings of your favorite shows, movies, etc.
  • Convenient results filtering and search options

Areas for improvement:

  • Currently doesn’t return an error if you’re already recording the maximum number of shows at a single time and try to add another
  • Reduce the 16MB application limit to support more Android devices

Conclusion: A useful, convenient Android app for Comcast/Xfinity TV subscribers.

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